What does a Technical Author need?

This section may not concern you if your technical author is providing all the resources.

However, if you require the work to be done on your site, please bear in mind that what the technical author requires to do the job properly may be very different from what a software developer needs, and is often more demanding on computer processing power.

Here are some things that a technical author may use on a typical project:

♦ The prototype application
♦ The software tools that the developers are using
♦ Access to the client’s network
♦ The word-processor and/or publishing program specified for the deliverable
♦ A text-editing program
♦ A selection of graphics programs for creating and editing illustrations for the documentation
♦ Programs for searching for text strings in a set of documents
♦ A web browser
♦ Other software for specific requirements

They may be using a selection of these at any one time. They may prefer to work on two networked computers, one for editing and one for the application being documented, and with multiple screens.

Please also bear in mind that a technical author spends more time talking to a computer than talking to people. A quiet environment is essential for productivity.

What should you look for in a Technical Author?..... - .....The most important person is the reader

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